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John was appointed by Governor Hickenlooper January 2011 as
Special Policy Advisor to the Governor for Water
and Chairman of the IBCC (Interbasin Compact Committee)

He takes this new position as he completed his term for Governor Ritter as Colorado's Commissioner of Agriculture (appointed December 2006 and completed January 2011)

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JUNE 2013




Hard red winter wheat is planted in the fall in late September and October, depending on the moisture. The seed germinates, and grows into a small plant which remains dormant through the winter. As soon as the growing conditions are right in the spring, the small plant hopefully grows and matures in late June and July. At that time the wheat is harvested.

Many natural perils can reduce or annihilate the wheat crop:

It takes two years to grow a wheat crop in Southeast Colorado because of low moisture. Half the acres are planted one year, while the other half acres remain fallow accumulating moisture. The following year the fields reverse.

Transportation is another factor that has to be considered in this area. The farmer has to deduct anywhere from 10 cents to $1.00 per bushel from the Kansas City Board of Trade price because the wheat has to be moved to market.

Several conservation practices in order to enhance the soil and production, to conserve moisture, and to reduce erosion are used:

Wheat varieties planted in 2011 and harvested in 2012 include



The climatic conditions are tough:

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JUNE 2013



Southeast Colorado is a good area for livestock production. Stulp Farms manages a Cow-Calf operation and a Feeder operation using English cross breeds. Calving begins in the spring with the difficult deliveries needing assistance. The calves are weaned at 6 to 8 months and some years additional yearling calves are purchased in the fall. Purchased calves begin their feeding cycle in the feedlot after being vaccinated, dehorned, and processed.

A mixture of corn silage, grain, and protein supplement with sorghum or alfalfa hay are fed in a ration of approximately three percent of their body weight on a dry matter basis.

Depending on the moisture and the weather, the calves are either kept in the feedlot and fed twice a day or they are turned out to pasture. Volunteer wheat is an excellent resource to feed during the winter if enough moisture has been received to have a good stand, and if not covered with snow. In the summer months the calves graze primarily on buffalo and grama, native grasses.

Under average conditions the carrying capacity for a cow during summer months is from 15 to 20 acres; for year around pasture the number of acres per animal unit increases to approximately 40 acres. Supplemental feed and protein is needed in the winter months. On an average yearlings can be run for about 5 months on about 10 acres. Each year is different depending on pasture conditions.

Surface water is not available on most pastures. Water in stock tanks must be pumped from wells (anywhere from 20' deep to 400' deep) by windmills or electric pumps.Solar panel pumps are used on one shallow well.

Several options are considered for the cattle when they reach 700 to 800 pounds. They may be fed out in a commercial feedlot or sold to a commercial feedlot; heifers may be bred and calved out the next spring or sold as bred heifers. Determining factors:

Cattle price...Corn price...Hay price...Availability of grass and volunteer wheat...Weather


Many factors determine profitability:

Commercial Feedlots in Lamar Area have the capacity for approximately 100,000 to 120,000 head:

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The Five Children of JOHN and JANE STULP:

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John - CSU mechanical engineer graduate - Control Systems Engineer for Woodward Governor in Industrial Controls

Lyndsey - North Central University (Minnesota) graduate in Psychology and Bible Studies and currently is a counselor for Larimer Center in Fort Collins
See their family page

Jensen - Graduate studies in the Professional Veterinary Medicine Program at CSU with undergrad degree from Colorado State University in Animal Sciences
After practicing 2 years in Pueblo, and a year at the Redstone Clinic in Littleton, Dr. Jensen returned to open his private practice in the Lamar area."Great Plains Veterinary Service" serving "all creatures great and small" (wonderful clients) was closed this year

Jensen stepped into management of the Stulp family farming operation




Would you like to take a peek at the grandbabies?
and at "great" nieces?

Stulp Farms has hosted Colorado Institute for Leadership Training, known as CILT for several years

Jensen's a "COVER BOY" of the Insight Veterinary Magazine - the story is on page 4

We've committed land sites to the Pierre Auger Project to assist them locating their northern hemisphere observatory in Prowers County.

Jensen talks on video about the CSU vet college...scroll down to college of veterinary medicine and click on video download

The Stulp kids are interviewed for a CSU Engineering publication Ask Stulp to do it...

The NY Times drought story was printed in several regional papers including the Unknown Country

What will generate more income per acre than wheat on this dryland farm? ...these will!

Johnny, Jeremy and Jensen in their AV's jerseys after the Bolder Boulder in the Longmont Times-Call

The weather station located on our farm can be monitored at The Colorado Climate Center to CoAgMet monthly summaries for Lamar #1

Jimmy Carter's diary mentions meeting with John during his tenure as President (page 4)

Still have the wedding photo of the four "bridesmen" brothers and Janea posted

Photo of Southeast Colorado sunset from a tractor cab

Photo of one of John's hobbies

First Baptist brochure

Photos of a few special farm visitors

Want to stay overnight in Lamar? Try our friend's great bed and breakfast

...a little about Prairie Wind Energy...

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