Prairie Wind Energy LLC

Powering the Future with Prairie Wind

Prairie Wind Energy LLC (PWE) is a group of five farmers, ranchers, and landowners who have been working towards locally owned wind energy in Southeast Colorado since the first of 2004. The unique group came together as each owned a hill that presented possibilities.
Their first discovery was that all hills were not created equal.

Although PWE is based out of Prowers County, they are landowners in four different counties; consequently they expanded their projects to several areas in Eastern Colorado. Since the wind energy development is capital intensive and expanding so rapidly that manufacturing and securing turbines became problematic, PWE sought assistance....

Prairie Wind Energy is excited to announce their partner for future Eastern Colorado projects:

Visit the website of
Horizon Wind Energy

and discover what a fantastic company PWE is teaming up with in Eastern Colorado.

PWE placed Horizon at the top of their list for several reasons including:
  • Community/Landowner Commitment
  • Superior Landowner Compensation
  • Excellent Industry Reputation & Contacts
  • Financially Solid
  • Completed & Ongoing Projects
  • Dedicated Personnel
  • 2+ Year History with Horizon Team
  • Compatible Long term Vision/Business Plans

Horizon sponsored the Barbecue at the Baca County Fair...

Many of Horizon's landowners in the Viento Grande Project enjoyed the great food

Horizon was a sponsor for the Relay of Life held in Lamar

Several of Horizon's landowners were part of a team

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